Withings Activité, analog watch with fitness tracking capabilities


    Withings, who are well-known for their health tracking technology, have ventured into fitness tracking watch with a very elegant looking timepiece which they call the Withings Activité. The company is bucking the trend with their new product which is styled towards the more traditional looking watch, one that can be worn giving little away about technology that its hiding within.

    The Activité is not a smartwatch as such, rather than a combination of a classic quartz watch and activity tracking features. First impressions when glancing at the watch would lead you to believe that it’s just a fancy but normal analogue wrist watch, but looking closer at the dial will reveal a second smaller dial which is used as a step-counter to feed back the wearers progress of any step goal they have set them selves.



    Contained within the Activité is an accelerometer which does all the step counting and works out how many calories have been burned, all this information is then logged and sent back to the Health mate app via the built-in Bluetooth chip. It also has an alarm clock that can vibrate to wake you up gently in the mornings and although features on the Activité are limited,unlike most other “smartwatches” which can provide a wealth of data to you, the Activité keeps things simple and stylish which many may prefer if you want an everyday watch to wear.

    Due to launch in this fall, the Activité will have a price tag of around $390 which is not bad considering the eye pleasing design.