Xiaomi to give Fitbit a run for its money with MiBand, a $32 fitness band


Chinese-manufacturer Xiaomi, the “Apple of China,” has been stealing headlines recently with the launch of some of its newest products like the NVDIA Tegra K1-powered MiPad and its MiKey, a Pressy clone, but now it seems like the company will be looking to break into the smart wearable market.

According to mHealth Spot, Xiaomi’s upcoming MiBand will feature activity tracking and notifications at the super low price of 199 Yuan (about $32). That’s all we know about the device at the moment, but the company must be working on some software to work with it, otherwise it will probably be a fairly worthless product. Software shouldn’t be a problem for Xiaomi. It does a pretty good job with and gives a good amount of polish to its MIUI software.

The MiBand should be exciting none-the-less and something to look out for if you’ve been wanting a fitness band and didn’t want to pay upwards of $100.

VIA: mHealth Spot