Zetsu Lab launches Sim, the “World’s First Luxury NFC Timepiece”


Most smartwatches today are focused on extending the smartphone experience to your wrist, but in a more simplified manner. At first glance, Sim doesn’t look smart, but underneath, it’s powered by NFC, or Near Field Communication, and is taking the smartwatch in a different, much simpler direction.

NFC, a cousin of RFID, can transfer information with just a tap. Sim has three NFC chips embedded in it that can be programmed to accomplish many tasks, such as sharing your contact information, changing sound and brightness settings on your smartphone and even turning on your smartphone’s flash as a flashlight.

Zetsu Lab is seeking funding on Kickstarter to bring Sim to the masses as the first watch to combine both luxury watch components, genuine leather, stainless steel casing, and rose gold plating, with NFC technology.

In the video, the creators say that most smartwatches are plastic and not as classy looking, so Sim was based on “500 years of proven craftsmanship.”

“It’s funny how less can be more.”

Zetsu Lab focused on doing two things “exceptionally-well” when designing its Sim smartwatch, including pleasing the senses, such as sight, touch and smell, and making it work seamlessly.

Since NFC is passive, which means no battery, there is no charging involved as with other smartwatches. NFC is available in many smartphones today and it can easily be customized with third-party apps on Android, Windows and BlackBerry devices.

Zetsu Lab promises the delivery date, November 2014, is guaranteed since production has been secured and there is no platform or app to develop. They also say that because of all this, it will not be outdated when it comes to market.

If you’ve been looking for an even simpler smartwatch, that will provide basically no distractions, be sure to check out Zetsu Lab’s Sim now before the Kickstarter campaign ends July 7.

Via Kickstarter